We exist as a community of people for people just like you. We are always looking for a new friend and for ways to encourage others in their walk with God. 


Get Involved!

Life Groups, Adult Bible Fellowships, and Ministry Teams are great ways to get better acquainted and involved in what's going on a Bend Naz.  We have learning opportunities, community service projects, and ways to connect for all ages.  If you are interested to know how you can be a part of a ministry of Bend Naz, check them out under the get involved or minitries menu.  You can also fill out a "Contact Us" form for more information by clicking here. We believe it is important for everyone in their journey with God to be involved in the life of the Church.


What's a Nazarene?

Newcomers often want to know more about who we are as a church.  Quarterly, we have an opportunity to introduce the Church of the Nazarene to you in a discovery format.  This class is usually on a Sunday evening, and gives you the chance to ask questions and learn if you would like to formally join the church.  Whether you join or not, you are always welcome to fellowship, worship, connect, and serve with us.  If you would like more information about this class, fill out the contact form by clicking here.


We hope you know that you are important to us.  We want to be open to you, and available to answer your questions.  It is our desire that no one be a guest for too long.  We want everyone to know that they have found a home at Bend Naz.