life groups



The Bend Church of the Nazarene seeks to provide an atmosphere for relationships to thrive; our relationships with God, one another and our community. We’re committed to fulfilling the Great Commandment and Commission through healthy small groups.  We believe that God most often does His best work in the context of community where people are:

Knowing and being known

Loving and being loved

Serving and being served

Encouraging and being encouraged


Our conviction is that the above is best experienced in Life Groups of six to sixteen people who meet weekly.


Our Life Groups exist to connect individuals for the purpose of:

  • Sharing daily life with each other
  • Learning how to pray for each other
  • Discovering what the Bible says about daily life
  • Serving others
  • Making more disciples through relational outreach (open chair)
  • Multiplying so that everyone can be connected to God and others in a Life Group.


If you would like to become involved in a Life Group, please fill out this contact form or contact the church office at 382-5496.


Life Group Leader Report Form