worship arts ministry



What is the Worship Arts Ministry? First, you must define worship. Contrary to popular belief, worship is not the portion of the service that happens before the sermon. Worship goes far beyond any shape or form. Worship is a response to God's overwhelming presence, love, and grace in our lives. It just so happens that the arts are a kind of universal language we use to express our love for Him.


Here at Bend Nazarene, we try (that's right, we try) to remain culturally relevant in our worship arts ministry, while at the same keeping our eyes focused on God; the object of our worship. We try to facilitate an environment that allows people to express the joy that comes from knowing Christ. At the same time, we know that the presence of God demands a sense of awe, respect, and humility. Above all, we desire that our worship, whether through music, drama, video, or prayer, be authentic.


Here are some of the ways you can get involved in Worship Arts at Bend Naz:


Worship Choir

The easiest way to get involved in music at Bend Naz is to join the Worship Choir.  You don't have to be a pop star or a diva.  You just need to have a big heart and an even bigger smile!  The key role of the Worship Choir is to lead the congregation in worship by demonstrating the various types of worship expressions (singing, clapping hands, raising hands, etc).  Essentially, the Choir invites the congregation into the worship experience, letting them know that it's okay to loosen up and celebrate all that God has done. The Choir meets every Sunday morning at 10:10 (five minutes before service) on the south end of the sanctuary.


Performance Choir

The Performance Choir is a little more intense than the Worship Choir.  The Performance choir focuses more on choral arrangements, and performs special songs throughout the year.  We meet Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:00 during the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  We take the summer off.


Worship Band

Are you a musician?  Are you looking for a place to use your music skills in a way that blesses others and brings God glory?  Our Worship Band may be the place for you.  The Worship Band is a group of instrumentalists who rotate on a schedule.  The Band meets Wednesdays at 5:30 for rehearsal.  Being proficient in your instrument, being able to improvise on the fly, and an ability to work as part of a group are valuable, but an authentic heart for worship is an absolute requirement.  If you are intrested in joining the Worship Band, contact the church office for an assessment of you skills so we can begin the process of getting you involved!


If God has gifted you in the area of the arts, and you would like to use that gift to minister to others, contact the church office to set up a meeting.


Bell Choir

If you are interested in becoming a part of our Bell Choir ministry, call Dee Zimmerlee at 504-8332.




Are you a tech junkie?  Do you like gadgets and gizmos galore?  We've got some great opportunities for you to scratch that technological itch.



Who helps make the worship team sound good?  The audio department.  Audio volunteers set up equipment, mix volume levels, EQ, and such in order to help what happens on the platform reach the ears of the congregation, and those listening via CD, and radio broadcast.  We are always looking for more people in this department and training is provided.



Our media department is responsible for all that reaches the eyes.  This includes running our presentation software (getting the words and sermon graphics on screen), as well as running DVDs, and videos on the computer (avi, mpg, etc).  Again, all training is provided.


Video Ministry

Our video department brings us our Life Story videos, as well as any highlight videos, ministry commercials, and other inspiring video productions.  Training in the areas of production setup, storyboarding, lighting and audio for video, and editing/producing videos is provided.


Other Tech

Designing and maintaining our system is vital.  Therefore, we are also looking for volunteers with experience in electronics to help us with repairs, upgrades, and design.  If this is an area of interest for you, let us know!



For more information on Worship Arts/Tech Arts contact the church office.