Bend Naz Prayer Offerings


Fulfilling the Prayer needs of our Church & Community



Do you have prayer needs? Make a prayer request known to us by using the "Connection Card" available during the Sunday service, by filling out a prayer request at our Connection Center, or by making a prayer request through the link on our website.



During the month of January, we, as a church, will be focusing on prayer and fasting. 



Prayer requests come to the office weekly, and on Monday an email (and a letter for those without an email address) is sent to everyone on the prayer team. Your prayer requests are made known to our prayer team, a team of members of the Body of Christ, who will pray for your request. The church staff also meets weekly to pray for all of the prayer needs. If you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry, contact the church office and ask our church secretary to add you to our team. Our team members are asked to lift these requests up in prayer when they are received and as often as they can during the week. Urgent requests received in the office during the week will be sent out to the team as they come in.

We invite you to become a part of the Bend Naz Prayer Team. Jesus has said that His Father's House is a House of Prayer. We want Bend Nazarene to be able to say that we are a House of Prayer as Jesus had in mind.



The Prayer Room has been set up with multiple purposes in mind. Those are:

1. Provide a two person prayer team to pray during the Sunday Service. Prayer for the service would be the first priority, with prayer being focused on the pastors, the music worship, the message, and for the presence of the Holy Spirit.

2. Intercessory prayer may be offered for those who have submitted prayer requests.

3. The room will be open for a period of time from 15 minutes before the service until 15 minutes after the service closes. During that time, the room would be open to anyone in need of intercessory prayer for themselves or their loved ones. The team members will provide prayer for any one asking for prayer.



Sunday Morning Prayer: 7am: This is usually attended by all of the pastors, ushers and early risers. Some of those who go to this prayer meeting go out to breakfast before Sunday School classes begin.

Sunday Morning 9 - 10am in the Prayer Room: Receive prayer from Pastor Bill Franklin and Tom Pinkerton during the morning Sunday School hour.

Sunday Morning 10  - 11:30am in the Prayer Room:  Prayer team members are available to pray for the service as well as those who would like to drop by to receive prayer during the morning service.

Wednesday Evening Prayer at 6 PM: This is attended by a diverse group of people who meet in the Prayer Room, each person having a chance to raise their concerns to the Lord in prayer.

Friday Morning Men's Prayer at 6 AM: This service is available to all men to come and kneel at the altar and to call on the Lord in prayer. This is followed by an optional breakfast at one of our local restaurants where we have the opportunity to get to know each other better.