Pastory Cathy

pastor cathy

Cathy Unfried (Parnell) - 50+ Ministry Pastor

I was born and raised in sunny California...still love the beach. I attended Point Loma University, and felt a call to ministry during that time. God used my time of raising my boys and working with kids to realize that Children's Ministry was where I wanted to work and serve, where I have for the past 20 years here at Bend Naz! 


Big changes have happened! I am now working with the 50+ ministy, and will continue to serve families and seniors! I love my church!


I am married to Don Unfried, and we love to hike, spend time with friends, meet new people, see new things, and experience adventures! We love to travel and we love music! My favorite bands are, "Elliot" and Precious Byrd" which two of my boys are a part. Together we have 5 grown boys, 3 wonderful daughter-in-laws, and 7 of the cutest grandchildren in the world!


Favorite movie: Ones with happy endings....and books are the same way.


Favorite book: As a pastor I REALLY should say my favorite is the Bible...and it is....but I do like to read.

Favorite Quote: "We can trust an unknown a known God......"

~Corrie Tenboom.....


You can email pastor Cathy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by clicking here